Clever Cargo Management

EFTEX Logistics provides one-stop-shopping for transport, shipping and intermodal transport. Clever Cargo Management as we call it. The 3 Ms immediately clarify which solutions we can provide to logistics challenges. We can also offer you tailor-made logistics.

1. Moving

Full Truck Loads, 13.6 loading metres for distances between 500 to 1,500 kilometres to destinations in Switzerland, southern Germany, Austria and northern Italy. Super fast and price conscious.

2. Managing

Full Truck Loads to destinations in Turkey, the Czech Republic, Rumania and Bulgaria. We process these using our extensive network of local partners in the destination countries.

3. Modality

Full Truck Loads up to 28 tons. 4 ton weight advantage in comparison to road transport. Sometimes it makes more sense – for you and the environment – to opt for rail transport.

Two-stop strategy

Because freight generally consists of full loads and large partial loads, EFTEX Logistics can use Clever Cargo Management for this too. This is done using the two-stop strategy: only two stops are made, not dozens. We load at the first, then unload at the second. This makes optimum use of time, transport and costs.