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Carefree passage through Swiss customs

Switzerland is not part of the EU. As a result, Switzerland has different procedures and rules when it comes to customs.

Clearance of goods

One of the consequences is that goods transported to Switzerland need to be custom cleared; and in the other direction, goods to the Netherlands need to be custom cleared again. This involves various paperwork such as:

  • Export documents
  • Permits
  • Certificates
  • Product requirements

Customs formalities for Swiss transport

Our planners are very experienced in preparing and dealing with Switzerland’s customs formalities. Our specialists take care of all the necessary paperwork required when importing and exporting goods in Switzerland.
Our team helps you with:

  • Retrieving documents from the sender
  • Reporting to customs for clearance upon entry
  • Reporting to customs for clearance upon exit

Would you like to know more about our customs services in Switzerland? Then please feel free to get in touch with us.